DASMA Color Codes for Garage Door Springs

When you look closely at garage door torsion or extension springs, you’ve likely noticed the colorful paint that is used to differentiate springs in the overhead door industry. DASMA (Door & Access Systems Manufacturers Association) has created the industry standard for color coding springs.  

To help you understand the DASMA color coding, here’s what you need to know:

What kind of garage door spring do you have?

The first step in figuring out what the spring color coding means is to know the type of garage door spring. The majority of garage doors use torsion springs, a wound spring that when twisted will exert torque to help lift the garage door. These springs are generally installed above a garage door. Used less often, extension springs create energy through a pulling force. Extension springs are generally installed on the sides of garage doors.

DASMA Color Code Chart for Garage Door Torsion Springs

Torsion springs will generally have two different colors. First, each spring will be marked with red or black. Red springs are ‘right-wound springs’ while black springs are ‘left-wound springs’. The other color on the torsion spring is the DASMA color. The color signifies the wire size or wire gauge. Color does not signify which side of the door the spring is installed on.

Pro Tip: Always confirm the wire size of a torsion spring using a spring wire gauge, pocket wire gauge or the wire size formula. Click here to learn how to find the wire size of a torsion spring.

Here is the wire size and coordinating DASMA color code guide for torsion springs:

All Torsion Spring DASMA colors

All Torsion Spring DASMA colors

DASMA Color Code Chart for Garage Door Extension Springs

The color-coding of an extension spring refers to the garage door weight that two extension springs are capable of lifting. So for example a green extension spring would be capable of lifting 20#, 120#, or 220#. Because there are only 10 unique colors, the colors repeat for lightweight or extra heavy garage doors.

Pro Tip: When ordering garage door extension springs, make sure to specify the weight/pull of the spring you need as well as the color. This will help to eliminate a misunderstanding of weight capacity since the color code is repeated. For example, say White, 110# Extension Spring) 

Here is the garage door weight/pull and corresponding DASMA color code guide for extension springs:

Extension Spring DASMA Colors

Extension Spring DASMA Colors

Trust SSC for your Torsion and Extension Springs

At SSC, we can manufacture the right size torsion or extension spring for replacement or new garage doors. Our torsion and extension springs are proudly American Made using high-quality oil-tempered, galvanized or square wire.

If you’d like additional support in determining the wire size or pull of the garage door springs you need, give our expert sales team a call. Contact us with the basic information of your project and we’ll engineer a spring that fits your needs.

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