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General Documents

Resource Name Description Link
Non-Priced Catalog The non-priced version of our most current catalog Download
Gate Catalog The most current version of our gate catalog Download
Credit Application Download
ACH Electronic Payment Authorization Form Download

Safety Data Sheets (SDS)

Resource Name Description Link
Multi-Purpose Spray Lube SDS Sheet Download
Lubriplate Low Temp Grease SDS Sheet Download
ProSL Aerosol Spray Grease SDS Sheet Download
Pro21 Aerosal Spray Grease SDS Sheet Download
Lubriplate Aero Grease SDS Sheet Download
Ultra Spray Lube SDS Sheet Download
1stAYD Gel Lube SDS Sheet Download
Foamy Spray Lube SDS Sheet Download
Silicone Spray Lube SDS Sheet Download



Resource Name Description Link
Request Catalog Use this form to request a physical copy of our catalog View
Register for Emailed Invoices Use this form to get your invoices by email View
Newsletter Sign Up Use this form to register for our In Touch newsletter View

Order Forms

Resource Name Description Link
Fax Order Form Download
Lube Order Form (Private Label) Download
Lube Order Form (Ultra Gel Label) Download
Stock Torsion Spring Order Form Download
Trailer Ramp Survey Sheet Download
Truck Trailer Door Order Form Download
LiftMaster Gate Worksheet Download
Commercial Operator Quote Request Download

Quote Forms

Resource Name Description Link
Mystic Screens View
Trailer Ramp Door View
Commercial Operator View
Liftmaster Gate View
Z-45 View
Ultra-Gel View
Chase Door View
3/4" Dry Freight View
Multi-Purpose View
Miller Edge Quote For Doors Download
Miller Edge Quote For Gates Download



Resource Name Description Link
Placing an Order View
How To Order A Torsion Spring View
Determining the Wind of a Spring View
Why Springs Are Stress Relieved View
Can a Torsion Spring Be Used and an Extension Spring? View
Proper Lengths For Extension Springs View
Invite an Employee to Solutions Education View

Tips and Guides

Resource Name Description Link
Ordering Extension Springs Tips for ordering extension springs View
Ordering Torsion Springs Tips for ordering torsion springs View
Spring Tech Tips Technical tips about springs View
Cable Length Formulas/Drum Comparison View