Spring Tech Tips

Increasing Torsion Spring Life:

One of the most commonly asked questions to our sales staff is - how do I increase the life of my torsion springs? The answer is converting to a spring with a larger wire size and matching the inch pounds per turn of the original spring. This will result in a spring that is capable of more maximum turns and therefore a higher cycle life than your original spring.

Determining the Amount of High Lift:

High lift is measured as the distance from the top of a closed door to the bottom of the horizontal track.

Spring Growth:

Spring growth can be easily determined by multiplying the number of required turns by the wire size.

Example: a .250 wire spring requiring 8 turns will grow approximately 2 inches after it has been wound. (.250" wire size x 8 turns = 2" spring growth)

Proper Handling of Springs:

It is important when handling springs to prevent any nicks or scrapes to the spring wire. Any small scrape or nick in the wire could result in premature spring failure.

Cycle Life of SSC Springs:

Torsion springs that are engineered by Service Spring are designed for a minimum of 10,000 cycles.

Figuring Door Weight:

To figure the weight of a properly functioning door, divide the total inch pounds per turn of the existing springs by the multiplier of the cable drum.

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